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Instructioin for Batteries

Published :2016-3-15 17:00:53 Views: 4131

1, If the first time to use the lithium batteries, please charge it with special charger firstly.

2, The charged lithium batteries can not be placed long time without using, or it would be plumped up. It is better to charge just before use.

3, If do not need temporarily, to keep the voltage between 3.V-3.9V. It is better to check and charge it if long time no use.

4, It is bad for batteries that do not charge until used up.

5, After flighting, the voltage must be kept in 3.7V is safe. You´d better buy a low pressure alarm device.

6, Do not flight by a high speed for long time, which will easy to damage the batteries.

7, Although the low pressure alarm is 3.3V, the measured voltage is load voltage,so it will drop immediately after the alarm, and lithium battery voltage will automatically rise at 3.7V or more, do not worry about over-discharge.



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