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  HTIRC Dragonfly 30A Brushless ESC Electronic Speed Control
Product Code:13249
Original model:
Product Type:Multicopter ESC

ESC Characteristics:


* The same as the current industry standard, our electronic governor of the smallest, lightest, small heat.

* Auto-effect throttle range.

* 12A The following products are 4-layer PCB, 20-30A 6-layer PCB, 40A-80A 8-layer PCB, lower resistance, heat smaller.

* All ESCs are made in America, Japan imported high-performance N-CHANNEL MOS tube.

* Low throttle low speed rapid reaction

* You can set motor reversing

* Throttle signal refresh rate supports up to 600Hz. Flight control compatible with various brands (more than 500Hz nonstandard throttle signal)


Product Parameters:


Continuous operating current: 30A

Instantaneous current: 40A (10 seconds)

Applicable number of battery cells: 2-4S (7-17V)

Size: 30 * 24 * 8.5mm

Weight (including cable): 21g

Linear BEC: none

Can Programming: Yes



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