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  FRSKY Long Distance Receiver L9R
Product Code:13254
Original model:
Product Type:Wireless AV Video

Frsky ultra long-range receiver L9R. XJT compatible module LR12 mode (switch 1 in the OFF position, the switch in the ON position 2), Taranis X9D of LR12 mode. Note: L9R FrSky not compatible with the V8, D8 and D16 models


Dimensions: 46.25 x 26.6 x 14.2mm (L × W × H)
Weight: 19g
Antenna: PCB antenna
Number of channels: 1 ~ 9ch common input port 1 ~ 12ch SBUS
RSSI RSSI output
: Analog output (0 ~ 3.3V)
Input voltage range: 0 ~ 10V voltage
Operating Current: 100mA @ 5V
Working distance: 2 times X series receivers


Item Features:


1, distance: working distance is 2 times X series receivers
2, number of channels and more: Common channel output 1 ~ 9CH, SBUS ports support up to 12CH
3, with acceptable signal strength indicator RSSI output




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